Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Three places to put yourself

By Matt Wooley

My guess (hope really) is that at some point you've wondered how Christian growth happens. Maybe you've been surprised when it happens. Surprised when it doesn't. Surprised by how hard it is to measure or replicate. Me too.

I don't think there are formulas in the Christian life. God is too big and creative for a one-size-fits-all formula. But there are patterns, principles, and all sorts of things we can "do" to tend to our soil and participate in the process of growth.

But instead of "more things you can do" to grow, I want to share three places to put yourself as a follower of Jesus. Three places that I think are non-negotiable for a maturing Christian life.

There's no guarantee of growth here, but I'm just a few keystrokes shy of guaranteeing that you won't grow without putting yourself in these places consistently.

  1. The crowd of corporate worship
  2. The community in a smaller group 
  3. Contribution as a servant

It is taking incredible restraint for me to not write nine sub points for each of those, along with the other dozens of things that can contribute to our spiritual growth.

But think of these three "places" as the three legs of a stool. They are the absolute basics. When you play basketball, there's lots to learn, do, practice.  But the "fundamentals" of hoops would be:

  1. Show up 
  2. Dribble and pass
  3. Shoot

Is there more to basketball? Yes. Are you going to become a better player without doing those things over and over and over (and over) again?  Nope.

If you're wondering what's next... how to grow... why you're not growing... can I encourage you to take a thoughtful look at these three things (the top list, not the basketball one)? And honestly answer how consistently you put yourself in these three places. 

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